A water geyser consumes 30%-40% of total household electricity usage.

Switching to a solar water heater geyser is the wise thing to do. The water geyser in your houehold can consume between 30 to 40 % of your total household electricity usage.  Before you move to Photovoltaic panels (PV)  generated backup solar electricity (which has a solar energy conversion rate of around 17%) first replace or retrofit your existing geyser with a solar geyser (which has a conversion rate of between 30% and 40%).


Want to save electricity ?

An Electrical  Geyser consumes between

30 - 40% of the total household electricity usage. 

Consider replacing your electrical geyser with a Solar Geyser even before you have Photovoltaic (PV) generated backup solar cells installed.  This is because PV cells only have an energy conversion rate of around 17% compared to a Solar Geyser which has a conversion rate of 30 - 40%.  

Switching to a Solar Geyser is the wise thing to do.  CREST Solar can retrofit your existing geyser for far less than R10 000.

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