Low Pressure Solar Geyser

Solawater125NP-PFP1.8 Low Pressure


  • 125 Litre water – can be used with any quality water.

  • Heats water to a maximum of 59°C as apposed to Chinese versions boiling all day.

  • Provide hot water 80% of the time without the use of electricity.

Corrosion free

Frost Resistant

Hail Resistant

5 year warranty

“In 2016 we purchased 2 CREST Solawater125NP solar water heaters from Crest to test. After 2 years we have placed our first order as we found the water to be over 60C even in winter and the fact that the system sits flat on the roof is a huge advantage over the other imported systems, as it is less likely to be affected by the wind and distributes the weight evenly on the roof. On the Westcoast corrosion is a major problem, and whereas the imported systems have shown severe rust, the CREST system has no sign of rust.”

Gerrit Smith – Saldanha Bay Municipality

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