High Pressure Solar Geyser

Solawater150HP High Pressure

Product Features

The Solawater150HP is manufactured from polymers via high tech blow molding processes.

  • Weather resistant

  • Fixed flat on the roof to minimize storm damage

  • Completely hail resistant

  • Frost resistant

  • Effective and efficient

  • The product will provide hot water 80% of the time without the use of electricity

Corrosion free

Frost Resistant

Hail Resistant

5 year warranty

“We have installed over 1000 CREST Collectors with high pressure geysers and our customers, the poorest of the poor living in low cost housing, have hot water all year round, even though the system has no electrical backup. The CREST Collector cannot break and in 2 years we have not had to replace one system. Hail and frost does not affect the collector at all as it is a 100% polymer product - BRILLIANT and easy to work with.”

Greg Weeks – Badger Contractors CC

I installed one of their solar geysers and was so impressed that I installed another one at a rental property as well. I can truly recommend the geysers as it works extremely well and save a lot of money on electricity.” - Pieter-Jan Bestbier

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